Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been in business?

Our family business started on Labor Day of 2013.  Since its beginning, we have expanded our business from doing family portraits to now doing wedding photography, engagements, senior class, and wedding videography.  Both Steven and Amy bring together their talents and creativity to provide memorable photos and videos.


What is your favorite part about photography and video?

We enjoy both the art and the science behind photography.  And most importantly, we enjoy being around happy people.   Both owners of WPV work full time jobs where we typically experience negative encounters with people, so this family business gives us a much needed break.  Weddings are a joyous occasion, and the wedding day is fun and memorable for all in attendance.  We all need time to be around happy people!


Do you have any formal training in photography or video?

While neither of us have gone to college for photography or video, we have studied, and continue to study, this subject through instructional videos from well-known professionals and studios, books that provide training from varying points of view, blogs from popular photography websites, and online training.  Learning new skills and concepts is an ongoing part of running this business, and that is part of what makes this so much fun.


Do you have a studio?
Yes.  We have different backdrops and a strobe lighting kit we use at our home.  This is ideal for those who need just a few photos, say, for business cards, a single portrait, or a senior formal.  For clients wanting many photos, we prefer to do them outside at places such as a park, downtown Paducah, Fort Massac, or Land Between the Lakes, among others, since there is a variety of settings and scenery at these places allowing for more creative portraits.


What kind of equipment do you own?

We prefer to use Canon cameras and camcorders.  We started out with low-end equipment but have invested in better equipment as our business has grown.  We currently own a Canon 6D and Canon Rebel T5i.  Our lenses include a Canon 18-55mm, Tamron 24-70mm, and Canon 70-300mm.  The Canon 6D paired with the Tamron 24-70mm is used during the wedding portraits and this provides the sharpest and best-quality images.  The Canon Rebel T5i is also used during weddings, but the 6D is the primary camera.  The video cameras consist of two Canon G20 high definition cameras.  They do very well in low-light settings, the image is sharp, and we are very satisfied with them.  The groom wears a wireless microphone which we use for back-up audio recording.  Both cameras have sensitive shotgun microphones. 

In addition to the big equipment, we also have fluid-head tripods, backdrops, many batteries, and many, many memory cards.  We own two Paul Buff Alien Bees 800 flashes to provide a great source of light, and we have a battery kit to allow us to use portable flash.  We also have LED lights to assist with video recording as needed.  Equipment changes as the technology advances and as the need arises.


Have other clients been satisfied with your work?

Yes! We have had many great reviews for our weddings and other services.  We have also had many referrals from past clients.  Read the reviews here.


What are your child/family/senior packages like?

We are flexible with our portrait packages, but in general, we spend about an hour with the family and take as many pictures as requested, including individual portraits.  We allow time for one outfit change.  If many pictures are requested, we prefer to do them outside where there is more scenery.  For Senior and Engagement sessions, we are willing to travel and allow time for one or two outfit changes.  With all pictures, you will usually receive at least 15 edited images, but often you get many more. 


Do you have any packages for just one or two pictures?

Yes.  We have a mini-session where we take just a few pictures for you.  This package is ideal for those needing a photo for a Christmas greeting card, a business card, or just a portrait for a special occasion.


Wedding Questions

Should I hire a wedding planner?

Yes!  A wedding planner may be an extra cost to include in your budget, but they are very helpful.  The planner orchestrates the events of both the ceremony and the reception.  Having someone else in charge of this important task ensures your bridal party knows when to enter, where to stand, etc., and they make sure the events of the day are done on time.  Timeliness is an important issue for your wedding day.  While you are celebrating your day with family and friends, the wedding planner makes sure you don’t forget any of the traditional events (cake cut, garter toss, etc.) and they also make sure the day’s events will wrap up on time so as to prevent your venue from charging you extra for staying past the allotted time.  For our business, we sell packages based on the hours you need.  The wedding planner can help ensure the time you hired us for is put to good use.  You may find several options for wedding planners on Facebook.  


Why are your wedding package prices so low compared to others?

We believe a marriage should not start out with the couple already in debt.  The costs of weddings are expensive enough when taking into account the costs of venues, dresses and tuxedos, food, DJs, and other things needed.  Wright Photography and Video (WPV) started this business to help people have affordable weddings.  You can read more about our philosophy here and here

Where can I review the wedding contract?

The wedding contract is discussed during our first meeting when you agree to hire us.  You can view it here.


What can we expect from you on our wedding day?

We will arrive to your venue at an agreed upon time.  Throughout the day we will be taking photos/video.  We will be with you or nearby throughout the day.  In past weddings, we have also acted as a “wedding coordinator” by assisting in the direction of the order of events during the ceremony or guiding the bride and groom on how to do the traditions (cutting the cake, the toast, etc.). 


Since you are both photographers, do you ever double book on the same day?

There are rare times where the owners will book two separate weddings on the same day.  This may happen only in instances where one bride is requesting photos for a small service and another bride is wanting a video for her wedding on the same day.  We will not book two photography or two videography packages on the same day.


What types of packages do you offer?

The packages are generally arranged by the number of hours we will spend with you.  You can review the packages on our Investment Page.  Sometimes ceremonies or receptions last longer than planned.  If more time is needed after the agreed upon hours have passed, we charge $100 per extra hour.


Can I create a custom wedding package?

Yes.  We are happy to discuss options and price changes according to the changes you want to make.  There may be some requests we won’t be able to fulfill depending on the time frames or other variables. 


What if I need you for more hours than the package allows?

Sometimes weddings or receptions last longer than intended.  Unexpected delays happen to even the most organized of weddings.  For photography, we ask for $200 per hour worked past the agreed upon hours.  


Can we hire you to do both photography and videography?

Yes.  Amy is the primary photographer and Steven is the primary videographer.  We work together throughout the day using our own individual talents and skills to make your day memorable.

Do you charge extra for long-distance travel?

Typically, if you are within a 50-mile/one-hour radius from Paducah, KY, we do not charge extra for mileage.  If your venue is out of state or more than an hour away, we will calculate a fair and reasonable price, using Google Maps, to help cover our gas expense and time.


Do you require a deposit?

We ask for a $50 deposit at the time of signing your wedding contract.  This amount goes toward your total cost.


When do we have to complete our payment?

Pursuant to our business philosophy, we understand some may not be able to afford paying the full cost up front.  We allow you to make payments in any amount of your choosing, however we ask that the bill is paid in full on the day of your wedding day.


When can I expect to get my photos or video?

There are many variables that affect the time frames for our editing.  Our editing software allows for efficient and quality editing.  It does take some time to edit them, and we want your photos/video to look the best.  Both owners of WPV work full time jobs and have young children, but we don’t neglect to spend time on the editing as we know you (and ourselves!) are eager to see the final product.  We also have other clients who need their photos/video edited, so they will all be done in order.  You can usually get your photos and video in four weeks, but sometimes it is earlier and sometimes it is later.  You will be notified by email when they are ready.


How do I get my pictures?

Edited photos are added to a private web page for free download, and then you can print them wherever you choose (Wal-Mart, Shutterfly, etc.).  We don't charge for digital downloads.  This is one of the many things that set us apart from other photographers.  


Can I get a copy of the RAW files?
We take many, many pictures for all sessions and then keep the best of each pose.  Multiple photos are taken because people may blink just as the shutter is released or someone may move causing a blur.  Sometimes we make the errors ourselves (we are human too!) or have to adjust a setting or two to get the picture just right.  Our RAW images are just that--RAW.  On most cameras that record in JPEG, the camera's internal software will automatically process each picture with it's own corrections.  RAW files do not contain this processing. 
Consider this example: A cake requires flour, sugar, butter, and frosting, but until those ingredients are all mixed together and baked, it is quite an unpleasant concoction.  The final product, though, is very tasty.  Similarly, a correct photo has to have adjusted contrast, exposure, lighting, and color.  RAW files have none of these, and just like the cake ingredients, a RAW file is not pleasant to look at.  In our editing process, the photo "ingredients" are adjusted to make them look the best.  We want you to only see the best.  We don't want our work to show any of our own errors, unflattering poses, or bad color/lighting/contrast, so we do not provide you with our RAW files.  Many professional photographers do not give out RAW files.

Don’t videographers get in the way?

There are some videographers out there who may be too invasive or they post their camera right in the middle of the ceremony. WPV strives to stay out of the way and be unseen.  We work alongside your photographer to determine the best places to stand so we don’t interfere or get into each other’s frame.  There are times we need to interact with you to create a shot, but for the most part, we stay out of the way.  People don’t usually like a camera in their face!  During the ceremony, we run at least one camera from the back of the room.  As you and the bridal party enter, we run a camera at the front of the room off to the side so we can see everyone’s faces as they enter and get into position.  After that part of the ceremony, we go to the back to continue with the other camera.  During the dances, we use a rolling-dolly to get smooth panning shots of you dancing.  We go around the dance floor at a slow pace, and this creates a great effect to the scene.  


Can I give you a CD of the songs I want on my wedding DVD?

Unfortunately, we cannot put copyrighted music on DVDs.  After researching this issue from a variety of resources, including a government source, it was found that duplicating copyrighted music on our DVDs is a violation of the copyright law.  Violations can result in disastrous lawsuits, and this has happened to others in the past.  Getting permission to use copyrighted material is a very difficult and timely process.  Doing so requires one to go through a series of complicated steps to get the permission from the producer, author, and others, and even then, you are not guaranteed to get their permission.  In addition, the cost for licensing is incredibly high for each song (hundreds to thousands of dollars each).  All those factors combined would significantly increase our prices.  We wish we could use the music of your choice, but for those reasons, we cannot ethically or legally do it. 

Instead, WPV has a subscription to Audio Blocks.  This company provides a great assortment of royalty free instrumental music.  We are very satisfied with the quality and selection of music to fit your video.  You can hear some of the selections on our wedding trailers page.  The music is used for all parts of your video except the ceremony, dances, and toasts.


How long is the DVD?

A DVD can hold good quality video up to about 1.5 hours.  Most of our videos are at least 30-45 minutes long, but all lengths vary depending on how long your ceremony and reception are in addition to how much other footage we capture (getting ready, first look, etc.).


Can I get extra copies of the DVD?

Yes.  One copy is included in the package.  While some companies charge high amounts for extra copies, we consider that to be price gouging and do not do that.  We charge only $5.00 plus tax for extra DVDs.  The price is set to cover our time and cost of material. 

Will my photos or video be put on the Internet?
For the purpose of advertising and displaying our work, we may add some highlight photos to our web page and social media.  For video, we create a short trailer and add it to YouTube, our webpage, and social media.  If you do not want your photos or video shared in this manner, please let us know.