Wright Photography & Video, LLC

Wedding Contract and Expectations


Wright Photography & Video, LLC, henceforth known as WPV, respectfully requires the following agreement between themselves and any prospective client. Any deviation from the articles stated within this contract will result in a voided contract and WPV will not enter in to, or maintain, any verbal or written agreement with the client. WPV reserves the right to refuse any potential client.


  1. Obtaining our Services    

a. Reading and agreeing to this contract is the first step of obtaining our services. At the time of the contract meeting, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total wedding collection is required to secure the booking.

         i. This deposit goes toward your wedding collection’s total cost.

b. Payments for the wedding collection may be made in any increments of your choosing, after the contract signing.

         i.  Full payment is required one week prior to the wedding day.

         ii. Additional hours of coverage may be obtained at a rate of $450 per hour.  

     c. As of January 1, 2023 Kentucky State Law requires WPV to collect a sales tax on all photography services. The state-wide tax rate is 6%. WPV does not profit from the collection of this tax.

         i. WPV collects this tax for the sole purpose of delivering the payment to the state of Kentucky during the following tax year.

         ii. WPV has taken several steps to ensure compliance with this new state law.


  1. Refunds
  1. WPV will issue refunds for the following reasons.

         ii. A full refund of the wedding will be provided if the bride and/or groom or members of their family have a death, serious illness, or there is an act of God that results in the wedding being cancelled.

         iii. A full refund, minus the deposit, will be provided if the wedding is cancelled due to the bride and/or groom choosing to cancel the wedding.



2. Scheduling

a. After signing the contract, and obtaining the retainer, your event will be considered “booked” and securely added to our calendar.

b. If you need to change your wedding date, we must be notified as soon as possible.

         i. If our schedule is already booked for the new date, we will not be able to cover your wedding.  You will receive a refund minus the deposit.

c. In the unforeseen event that WPV is unable to work the agreed upon scheduled date due to us having a sickness, injury, emergency, death of family member(s), vehicle or equipment malfunction, etc.:

        i. We will provide a full refund if we cannot work the wedding.

        ii. We will only be held liable for the refund. 


3. The Photos

a. You will receive an email link to a private online gallery containing your photos, which are available for free download.

b. Some of your photos may be used on our website, social media pages, and/or YouTube channels for purposes of advertising.

c. Purchase of wall art, prints and other photo products are available through a professional print lab. Physical product sales require collection of sales tax, at the Kentucky Sales Tax rate of 6%.


4. The Video

a. Royalty-free background music will be used on your DVD except during the ceremony.

b. Videos are, on average, 30-90 minutes long, depending on the package purchased and the events of the day.

c. In addition to your video, a 5-10 minute highlights trailer will also be included. 

         i. Clients who request coverage of the ceremony only, or ceremony and the reception highlights, will not receive a trailer as this is not part of the package.

         ii. This trailer may be added to our YouTube channel, our website, and/or linked to our social media pages for the purpose of advertising

         iii. The highlights of your day may include brief video of family, friends, or others.

         iv. If you do not want this trailer posted online, please let us know.

    d. You may not put any part of your video online for monetary gain.


5. The Ceremony

a. Please be at the ceremony venue at the agreed upon time.

          i. Please keep WPV updated by telephone call (not text or email) if there are any delays or changes in the scheduled time or venue.

b. It is requested that the wedding officiant use a microphone (for video only). 


6. The Reception

a. Due to the many hours we work without a break, we ask that we be allowed to eat at the reception during which time we will continue to photograph or video record as necessary.

b. We will take photos and/or video of the reception guests, food, décor, venue, etc.

c. Please ensure we have arrived to the reception before you start with the scheduled events.

d. We may do extra photos and/or video of the bride and groom at the reception, such as artistic poses.  This needs to be done while the outside lighting is adequate, so keep this in mind as you schedule your day.

e. We will dismiss at the agreed upon time.


7. Legal notice

a. We take extra care of our cameras and equipment and perform routine maintenance.  After dismissing from the reception, all data will be backed up to at least five different mediums. 

          i. In the unlikely and unforeseen event that that the photos and/or video is completely lost due to an equipment failure, fire, theft, car accident, or acts of God:

1. You will receive a full refund including your deposit.

2. We will edit any photos your family or friends have taken, and then provide them to you on a CD.

         ii. If only part of the data is lost/damaged, you will receive a partial refund depending on how much was lost/damaged.

     b. By signing below, you agree to not file a lawsuit against us or give negative reviews because of this unforeseen event, and Wright Photography and Video will only be held liable for refunding the money you have paid according to the amount of data that was lost/damaged.



Total Cost due by Wedding Day_______________

Bride___________________________________________________________________  Date_______________

Groom__________________________________________________________________  Date_______________