Leia - 6 Months

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There are special moments in life that are few and far between. The first time you meet your spouse, the first time you say “I love you” and holding your child for the first time. So many different “firsts” throughout life, and you want to hold on tight to each one.

Six and a half months ago, Cory & Amanda experienced one of those firsts. Holding their precious baby girl, Alaina Leia, in their arms. I wasn’t in their room, but I’ve been through that experience in my own life. Twice, I got to hold my precious boys after giving birth. You don’t forget that feeling. The sights, smells, sounds…. They’re all engrained in my memory. I’m shedding happy tears as I think back on my own experience, and I know that is what Cory & Amanda went through as well.  There’s nothing quite like meeting a new tiny human being. Cradling them in your arms, that overwhelming sense of gratitude, fear, elation, panic and the proverbial roller coaster of all sorts of emotions. Then you blink, and six months have gone by quickly.

That’s what this session captured, Ms. Leia at six months old.  Time can be wildly unpredictable, especially after a child is born.  Six months can seem like a really long time before, and then an instant afterwards. A blink of an eye, and six months is here. In the 11 years that I’ve been a mother, I’ve heard a phrase over and over. “The days are long, but the years are short!” Oh how true that is! Rocking a hungry baby in the middle of the night is exhausting! The hard part is, though, you never know when you’re last time will be. You’ll never know when you pick your baby up for the last time, because, pretty soon, you’ll have a toddler, then a young child going to school.


I’m not crying!  (Okay yeah, I’m crying, but they’re happy tears!)


Well, I digress.  I could talk about that sappy stuff for hours, but let’s get to the fun part!

St Patrick’s Day has always been a fun day for me.  I was born on this day, a long time ago haha.  So, this year, I wanted to design a set to commemorate the occasion. Amanda almost immediately booked a session! I was so excited!

A little backstory: I first met Cory & Amanda in 2020.  Their wedding is by far one of my favorites! Although, each one holds a special place in my heart, as well as the couples that joined together!

Amanda’s Disney themed wedding was perfect. Everything from her Cinderella gown to the pumpkins that lined the aisle.  I look back on that day with extreme fondness, as I’m sure they do too!

Last year, in 2022, I was elated to learn about her pregnancy! We met for a sunflower field session in late July to capture the short season of maternity before she gave birth to precious Leia in August. The joy on their faces, oh my goodness, I couldn’t get enough! They were so happy!  I mean, look at this, Amanda is glowing, and Cory looks every bit a proud Papa, and they haven’t even held their little girl yet.


Amanda was gifted a newborn session, and I’m grateful she has those images to look back on. I enjoy working with older infants that are able to sit up on their own. It takes special talent to photograph a newborn, one that I’ll admit I don’t have. So, I’m glad there are other photographers out there that are skilled in that craft!


March 18, though, I was honored to capture these photos! St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring and a Boho backdrop were all put together at The Focus Building in downtown Paducah.

Leia’s first set was the St Patrick’s Day background, and oh my goodness, how adorable is she?! That smile, the tiny giggles, she was a very happy baby!

Next was the Easter/Spring set. There’s nothing cuter than a naked baby, I mean, look at those adorable chubby cheeks and baby belly!

We finished her set with the Boho background. That outfit, I LOVE how well it coordinates with her surroundings!

Cory, Amanda, I hope y’all enjoy these images as much as I do! Thank you for trusting me with capturing these memories!



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