Charles & Shannon

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Charles & Shannon

Saturday, July 2, 2022 Grace Episcopal Church 


Grace Episcopal ChurchThe side yard of Grace Episcopal is where I love to start a session. As the sun starts to set, it casts lovely golden light on this side.


I met Charles and Shannon shortly after we made the announcement of our photography business. We were newbies to the world of photography, and had beginner equipment. We knew we wanted to succeed, and put everything we had into growing our knowledge, reach and service in our area.


Charles and Shannon were the first couple to take a chance on us when they hired us for their wedding in 2014. We were thrilled! Steven worked on a video while I took photos, and they seemed really pleased with the products. I think about all the mistakes I made that day, but they have stayed with us  over the years as we improved and grew. 

Charles, Shannon, Bryston, Brenton, BrayLynn, and AaliyahI've had the honor of capturing photos of this family for the last 9 years.

Fast forward 8 years, and we've learned a lot, upgraded our equipment and provided a gallery that I'm much more happy with than that first gallery all those years ago. During this session, Steven took footage of the session to create our very first commercial!

It's still in the beginning stages, and won't be produced for a while, but we're excited! 


We've chosen a lot of different locations for their family sessions, and this time we went to Grace Episcopal Church in Paducah, Kentucky. This is one of my favorite locations to take photos, and you can find a video on my Facebook page featuring a golden hour walk-through. 

We want to thank Shannon and Charles, for taking a chance on us way back then and for allowing us to capture your memories for the last eight years. It's been truly an honor to watch your precious family grow. We love getting to see your children grow, and hope you enjoy your gallery!



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