Our names are Steven and Amy Wright, and we have been in the photography business since 2013. As with most businesses, we had a slow start, but as the years have gone by, we have grown in our profession and have had the pleasure of working with many satisfied clients who hired us for photography of their infants, families, senior class, engagements, and weddings.  We are also available for hire for wedding planning and decorations.

We got involved with photography after our first son was born in 2012. He's incredibly photogenic and loved being in front of the camera. We hired a photographer to take photos of our son for many months. We decided to try taking the pictures ourselves, and on Black Friday of 2012, we got an entry level DSLR camera. After months of taking pictures and learning from books, videos, and professionals, we decided on Labor Day of 2013 to start this photography business. Our second son was born in 2015 and he is just as photogenic as our other son, so he has made our interest in photography grow even more.

Our business expanded to offer wedding videos. There are not many videographers in the area, and those who are available are quite expensive. As with our business goals of helping brides save money, we offer low price wedding videos and have had many satisfied clients.

We both still work full time jobs during the week, and our weekends stay busy with weddings and family sessions. That, along with raising our children and other daily routines, sure makes life interesting!  Overall, we wouldn't trade it for the world. One day, we hope to make this business our full-time jobs.