My name is Amy Wright and I'm co-owner of Wright Photography & Video, LLC alongside my husband, Steven. I have been photographing in the Paducah and surrounding areas since 2013. I have extensive experience with weddings, family, seniors, and maternity photo sessions. 

I am passionate about capturing memories that will last for generations to come. Anything from photographing a bride and groom on their wedding day to working with a young child having a hard time with family photos. I strive to make my client's day go as easy and stress free as possible. 

As a mom, I understand that having patience with children can be difficult at times. However, when I work with children to capture that perfect moment (everyone smiling and looking at the camera), I am abundantly patient and understanding. Photos can be stressful for anyone, but our littles struggle a bit more than some adults because of feelings of insecurity, not liking to talk to strangers, and not liking to sit still. I have a proven system that works 99.9% of the time, so that you as a parent walk away highly satisfied. 

When photographing a wedding, I focus on helping my bride and groom have the best day ever. A wedding is special for many reasons, and my goal is to present as many photos to accurately represent how special each detail truly is!

I go above and beyond to make everyone I work with feel comfortable. My ultimate goal is to make sure I capture as many high quality photos as I can to produce a gallery that I am proud of, and more importantly, my clients are happy with. 

Steven is our videographer, and a very talented one! He excels at producing a high quality video that captures, in detail, your wedding or other special events. He provides a rare, extended cut video as well as a highlight reel of your event. Steven has the talent to produce a seamless video which provides a very professional look, culminating into a high quality video that you can look back on for many years.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about my husband and I, and I hope to soon provide an experience that will leave you feeling special, happy, and loved!