Why choose Wright Photography for your Wedding Photography?


     The wedding day!  The most fun and romantic day of your life!  What better way to remember this special day than to have an affordable yet high quality photographer.

      Wright Photography & Video knows the joy a wedding brings.  We love to be around brides and grooms on this special day and take part in the happiness and memories in the making.  We want to be there to help make those moments last.

     In our Silver photo package, we work with the bride and groom for a maximum of six hours, capturing all the highlights of the day.  Typically, six hours is enough time, so it's our most requested package.  Some wedding days last longer than others, so that's why we made the Gold photo package.  In this, we cover the same highlights for a maximum of eight hours.  

     All photos are then edited and made available for free online download.

    We want to join you on your wedding day and help create lasting memories.  Call us at 270-519-0611 or email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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