Why choose Wright Photography for your Wedding Video?



      Videos are a great way to record your memories.  While photos offer a “still shot” of events in your life, videos provide “memories in motion” so you can relive the events time and time again.  

    We have two HD Canon video cameras and run both cameras during the ceremony while sometimes adding a third camera.  While the industry standard these days is to provide wedding clients with just a 5-10 minute highlight reel of your wedding day, we have found that our clients have enjoyed having the long-cut version of their wedding.  Therefore, with us, you will get much more footage of your wedding day including the full ceremony.  Most of our videos are at least 30-45 minutes long (sometimes much longer).


    In addition to the long-cut version, we also reduce the entire video down to a short trailer you can share with friends and family.  Ideally, we overdub this video with the audio clips of your personalized wedding vows, special letters you wrote to one another, or other significant sound bites from the day.  Past clients have been very pleased with our trailers.


   The main difference in our video packages is the amount of footage you get.  For the Silver and Gold packages, we get video of the party getting ready and getting their various photos done before and/or after the ceremony.  We also record the full ceremony and the decorations, guests, dances, toasts, food, and other highlights of the reception.  In the Bronze package, we only record the full ceremony.  For an extra fee, we also record highlights of the reception.


     We are very flexible and can work with your goals and budget.


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